Saturday, November 7, 2009

Move Baby, Move!

Oh baby, what I wouldn't give to feel you move again! I'm now 19 weeks and counting. Every movement is precious to me and I wait in anticipation of the next twist, kick or punch, wondering when it will happen and how it will feel. Carrying this little bundle of joy has been more fulfilling than anything I have ever experienced. Every moment I cherish in awe and wonder of God's amazing power.
On November 23, we are scheduled to have the most fun ultrasound of them all. Hopefully we will be able to find out whether we are having a little boy or girl. Although we'll love them just as much either way, we cannot wait to find out. After having dreams that our baby is a _____, I am curious to find out if there's any significance to my little mother's intuition. On Thanksgiving week, we find out once and for all whether to decorate the nursery pink or blue. I cannot wait to find out for ourselves and share the news with our family over the holiday weekend.

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